Data Center IT Consultency

Our Data Center Consulting Services has enterprise-wide, comprehensive approach to safeguard the company's mission critical environments. The services go through the entire lifecycle, from assessment, strategy and design, to implementation and operational services. We have the experience, expertise, proven methodologies and tools to help you manage your data center investments, improve operations and performance, and deliver excellent business results.


All data center designs are judged by their ability to provide continuous operations for the network services they support. When construction of the data center is complete, data center operations & maintenance begins. We provide outsourced data center operations and maintenance services and solutions to support data center managers. These services may include comprehensive operational management and regular scheduled maintenance for all facility supporting infrastructure and assets or, simply, preventive maintenance for specific assets in the data center.

Virtual NOC as a Service

Virtual NOC comes with a 24/7/365 Monitoring, Patch Management, and Virus Protection Back-Up and DR Solution with Advice and Implementation Firewall Network Protection. It comes with Simple Collaboration Solutions too.

DC Maintenance

  • Data Center Managed Maintenance (DCMM) Service
  • Facility Electrical Testing Services
  • Grid Location Markers
  • Managed Services
  • Support Infrastructure Equipment Service
  • Support Infrastructure Operations Review
  • Technical Support
  • Energy Audit

DC Monitoring & Control

  • Infrastructure Management & Control
  • Performance Management / Capacity Planning
  • Layered Security Administration including Physical, Systems, Application, Datastore, Network and Process
  • Site Monitoring of Systems, Networks and Databases
  • Turnkey DCiM Solutions
  • Customized Infrastructure Management Solutions
  • Comprehensive IT Facility Monitoring


We prepare Scope of Operational Support and Analysis Processes and Functions. Our Process defines to Support Data Center Events, Event logs, Changes including Policies, Process Activities, Methods, Triggers, Inputs, and Outputs. We help to develop Process to Support Data Center Incidents such as outages, equipment loss including Policies, Principles, Triggers, and Techniques for recovery, Handling of Identified Problems or Issues within the data center including RCA, comprehensive fixes, improvements, and CMDB.

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