Microsoft Hyper-V or Windows Server Virtualization is one of the platforms that Microsoft actively contributes to the Linux community under the GPL policy. With this platform, you can deploy native Windows or different flavours of Linux VMs or clusters for your customers. However, maintaining or running Hyper-V will need the level of expertise in SAN, Failover Cluster and High availability services essential for a cloud. If you are looking for an excellent team to manage your Hyper-V environment, our team at Bintel will provide you with 24/7 round the clock high service quality and deliver prompt technical support. We are experienced in managing all aspects of Microsoft Hyper-V from deployment, configuration, and security to its complete management.

What Hyper-V provides for your Data Center workload

Computing environment

A Hyper-V virtual machine provides computing environment, such as memory, processor, storage, and networking. Storage and networking can each be considered categories of their own, because of the many ways it can be configured.

Disaster recovery and backup

Hyper-V Replica helps to creates copies of virtual machines so that VMs can be restored instantly. Hyper-V also offers saved states and Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) backup types as well so that it can make application-consistent backups for programs that support VSS.

Optimization & Portability

Hyper-V provides integration services, that make it easier to use the operating system in a Hyper-V virtual machine. Features such as live migration, storage migration, and import/export make it easier to move or distribute a virtual machine.

Remote connectivity & Security

Hyper-V includes Virtual Machine Connection, a remote connection tool for use with both Windows and Linux. Secure boot and shielded virtual machines help protect against malware and other unauthorized access to a virtual machine and its data.

Hyper-V Management

Hyper-V includes has tools for management and connectivity such as Hyper-V Manager, Virtual Machine Connection, Windows Power Shell Direct and Hyper-V module for Windows Power Shell.