OpenStack is a free and open-source software cloud computing software platform which is an IaaS that helps you create your own cloud Infrastructure, on-demand resources by provisioning large array of Virtual computing nodes or machines via OpenStack Cloud for large service providers.

OpenStack is architected to provide flexibility as you design your cloud, with no proprietary hardware or software requirements and the ability to integrate with legacy systems and third party technologies. It is designed to manage and automate pools of compute resources and can work with widely available virtualization technologies.

Roadmap for a Reliable, Scalable OpenStack Cloud

Design & Implementation

Remove all barriers of Vendor-Lockins as our team of experts design the best delivery model for your Open Stack cloud. The cost models, the best practices for services are all determined and once it is finalized, we help you in deploying them.

Scalaiblity and 24/7 Support

We ensures that your OpenStack environment are future ready for that high scalability when demand arrives. Moreover our Fantastic team of experts will cover your infrastructure 24/7/365 providing round the clock proactive monitoring and support so that you can focus on your core business elements.

Migration & Operational Assistance

Our engineers help you migrating your current services to Open Stack, one that minimizes disruption and moving critical workloads to the cloud. Regarding operations, our Engineers continuously monitors your Openstack and evaluate new features which impacts your business in a positive way and above all, support availability round the clock.

Open Stack Key features

A Portfolio of Cloud Technologies for your Cloud Workload

Compute (Nova)

Manage large networks of Virtual Machines.

Dashboard (Horizon)

GUI to access, provision and automate Cloud resources.

Networking (Neuron)

Pluggable, scalable, API-driven network and IP management.

Block Storage (Cinder)

Persistent Block level storage for Compute Instances.

Object Storage (Swift)

Best in class scalable Object storage for your Compute Instances.

Image Service (Glance)

Registration and delivery services for disk and server images.

Identity Service (Keystone)

Central Directory identity management for Users, mapped to their Openstack service.

Orchestration ( Heat)

Automate the deployment of infrastructure via templates.