Proxmox VE is a complete open source server virtualization management software. It is based on KVM virtualization and container-based virtualization and manages KVM virtual machines, Linux containers (LXC), storage, virtualized networks, and HA clusters. If you are looking for an open source alternative to VMware's vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V or Citrix XenServer, Proxmox VE will be the right server virtualization for you.

Why Proxmox for your Business?

Open Source Server Virtualization with KVM and LXC

Proxmox VE includes KVM virtualization support to run both Windows and Linux in virtual machines (VMs). Proxmox also supports LXC environment for running multiple isolated linux Systems on a single Linux control host.

Proxmox VE High Availability Cluster

The Proxmox VE HA Manager requires zero configuration, it works out of the box that monitors all virtual machines and containers on the whole cluster and automatically gets into action if one of them fails. Proxmox VE HA Cluster settings can be configured via the integrated web-based GUI.

Backup & Restore

Proxmox VE provides a fully integrated solution, using the capabilities of each storage and each guest system type. Backup jobs can be scheduled too. It also works for all storage types including VM images on NFS, iSCSI LUN, Ceph RBD or Sheepdog.

Central Management

Proxmox VE can scale out to a large set of clustered nodes. Its web-based management interface gives you a clean overview of all your KVM guests and Linux containers and even of your whole cluster and supports Rest based API and Authentication realms.

Flexible Storage

The Proxmox VE storage model is very flexible. It supports LVM, iSCSI target, NFS Share, Ceph RBD, Direct to iSCSI LUN, GlusterFS, ZFS. Directory storage, etc. Virtual machine images can either be stored on one or several local storages or on shared storage like NFS and on SAN.

Bridged Networking

Proxmox VE uses a bridged networking model. Bridges are like physical network switches implemented in software on the Proxmox VE host. it is possible to build complex, flexible virtual networks for the Proxmox VE hosts, leveraging the full power of the Linux network stack.

Proxmox VE Firewall

The built-in Proxmox VE Firewall provides an easy way to protect your IT infrastructure. Features like firewall macros, security groups, IP sets and aliases help to make that task easier. The firewall has full support for IPv4 and IPv6.